EXCED HP Injector 500 ml

EXCED HP Injector 500 ml

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HP Injector common rail is a diesel injector system cleaner with additional DPF/FAP cleaning capability. 

The Renewable Energy Directive (RED) that mandates 20% of all energy usage in the EU, including at least 10% of all energy in road transport fuels, be produced from renewable sources by 2020. Alongside the RED, an amended Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) requires the road transport fuel mix in the EU to be 6% less carbon intensive than a fossil diesel and gasoline baseline by 2020. Becuse of this mandate there is 6% of biodiesel in all diesel fuels in EU. This Additive is especially made to combat this problem in modern common rail systems that the 6% of biodiesel represents. 

HP Injector will clean the injection system from all sludges and deposits, this will restore the normal working conditions for common rail injectors. 

This additive will also reduce the consumption and pollutants in the vehicle.