GTX Turbo Catalogue

Our company is proud to present the GTX line of sport and racing turbochargers. As these turbochargers have a universal application we have made the list of our GTX turbochargers, but for ordering we recommend contacting us in order to verify if the turbocharger will fir your vehicle. These turbochargers come with Gasket kits, 1L of Castrol oil of your choosing and instruction manual for mounting. 

For interest in our full range of GTX and GT turbochargers please contact us below or send us an email ( 

Catalogue of GTX turbochargers


Name/Model Details Power (HP) Displacement (Liter)
GTX2052-38  Universal type, forged wheel 140-230 1.4-2.0
GT2860-47 Universal type, casted wheel 150-310 1.8-3.0
GTX2867R-50 Universal, forged wheel, ball bearing 300-500 1.8-3.0
GTX3582R-66 Universal, forged wheel, ball bearing 400-800 2.0-4.5
GTX3584R-67 anti surge Universal, forged wheel, ball bearing 550-1000 2.0-5.5